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A SaaS platform to connect your talent, collaborators, clients, and communities for personal and group success.

Return on Mentoring (RoM)

we have developed a philosophy, platform and operating model to drive mentee success & mentor fulfilment delivering customer success & social impact at scale

RoM can be calculated up to £18m PA for one client

our mission: why now?

board agenda:
● diversity, equality, inclusion & trust● ESG & CSR● connecting siloed & isolated remote working● optimising distributed network operating models● skill & capability building● talent retention & resilience
mentoring at scale drives this agenda forward!

the challenge

our solution

manual mentoring struggles to scale, lacks insights and often fails.

● stuck on spreadsheets and lost in email
● costly & time inefficient
● siloed & lacking holistic approach
● limited diversity & non-inclusive
● non-transparent, no data or insights

drives internal & external Return on Mentoring (RoM)

● multi–stakeholder, 4D platform
● fast, efficient & scalable
● integrated & holistic
● inclusive & diverse
● actionable insights & AI

Multi-Stakeholder Engagement in 4 dimensions

we accelerate the success of Talent, Collaborators, Clients & Communities to maximise Return on Mentoring

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Develop, progress & retain talent across the organisation by breaking down functional and geographic silos, smashing glass ceilings, building organisational resilience, improving success planning and delivering on diversity, equality and inclusion.

  • Organisations

    "Matching the right mentors to the right mentees is much faster & easier. Employee success, our diverse talent retention & ease of succession planning have improved."

  • Participants

    "We feel a sense of belonging. Our mentors helped us progress quickly. We feel we can work to our full potential here, be more productive & feel valued"

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Connect clients with your talent network to deliver a more holistic service with more relevant upselling solutions, knowledge sharing & insights.
Increased visibility & transparency develop depth and breadth of trusted relationships with clients.

  • Organisations

    "Better visibility & transparency on what clients really want means I develop better client relationships , upsell and deliver a more holistic service."

  • Participants

    "We feel listened to & we trust them (the supplier) so we keep coming back for more. As a result, we feel listened to, we receive better solutions and gain insights quicker."

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Connect your talent and communities with your networks across various organisations to bring greater diversity, expertise, upskilling opportunities and social impact at scale around a common purpose.

  • Organisations

    "It's so transparent, easy, fast. I can up-skill outside my organisation, join many diverse networks, learn from others and feel included."

  • Participants

    "We really value the engagement across various businesses and benefit from diverse people sharing their hard won knowledge. It is so easy to scale, collaborate & build bridges with a common purpose."

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Quickly connect more of your talent to social impact groups and those they serve to mentor them to success.
Deliver on ESG promises, build brand credentials, give your talent fulfilling experiences.

  • organisations

    "We have scaled our social impact work faster through the fast increase of matching your talent to volunteer opportunities. I enjoy giving back more & being recognised for it."

  • participants

    We can optimise volunteering support from organisations, match, scale & measure it instantly. The increased impact on the community is successful & beneficial for all.

a new approach to Continuous Professional Development


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connect to collaborate

Users can access your dedicated platform to seek out guidance from other members in your organisation from anywhere in the world.
Our skills-builder creates a unique persona for each member and makes this visible to the network.
Using proprietary AI tools, MEx suggests the most relevant mentors to users who can help them at that specific time. We can curate existing content libraries more specifically to users and have the ability to add new content from 3rd party providers. This maximises engagement and creates a front to back learning support system for your members.

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personalised learning journeys

By putting your people at the centre of their own development journey, users are more engaged and can create their own learning journey.
Through regular human interaction, members can unlock tacit knowledge that isn't readily absorbed through traditional content, and reinforce this understanding through increasing the number of meetings.
A distributed network, centralised on a digital platform provides an endless resource of opportunity that is personalised to the individual.

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access your data

Through the administrator's dashboard, programme managers can access their organisation's data.
Managers can create custom reports from over 300 data capture points on the platform, automate processes, and adapt the platform as the programme evolves. This allows them to be more proactive to the outcomes of the initiative and focus on inclusion.
The 'admin dashboard' isn't just a tool for data management, but a lens into the hidden talent and skills-gaps within your organisation.

We create awesome things

Our creative and experienced Company is proud to provide professional web development and mobile application services. We have a team of award-winning web designers and developers passionate about creating something special for each client. We aim to make useful innovative products which are easy to use, look great, and work really well.

our capabilities

streamline mentoring into a simple, quick, and elegant process, while promoting knowledge sharing and turning data into powerful insights for your organisation.

  • a digital identity for all users

    - onboarding users is a quick, seamless process.- visibility on a user's experience and qualifications.- skills & topics users can help others with and improve on.

  • time management

    - no administrative burden- run multiple initiatives off a single platform- time spent on the platform is spent learning.

  • connect and collaborate

    - post open requests for guidance onto the network.- free search across geographies, departments, skills.- suggested mentors are personalised to each user.

  • supplement sessions with content

    - existing content can be delivered through the platform.- we host content and supplement it if needed.- users can save content and send between themselves.

how can we deploy?


Our SaaS structure provides your organisation with its own secure, closed network environment. MEx is cloud-hosted and can be deployed globally and instantaneously.MEx is semi-customisable and can act as a standalone solution or can be integrated with your existing software.

dedicated service

We are able to build fully customised solutions, integrating with your established HR and L&D systems to create a seamless user experience for your members. We increase the engagement with your existing content, and supplement this with your community, creating a more dynamic learning environment.


Due to the flexibility of the platform, and our collaborative approach to work, we partner with world-class providers of Learning and Development technologies to deploy our platform as part of a holistic solution to multiple use cases.
We can cater to anyone that has a curious community.

our corporate pledge

Providing a platform for equal opportunity is core to mentorXchange's ethos and was the reason we founded the company. We strongly believe that everyone should have access to people and content to develop their own unique professional journey. We perceive value in everyone's experience, no matter their age, background or ambitions, and our platform has been built to reflect these unique points of view so that they can be more readily shared and highlighted within your organisation.
We like giving back! By working with large-national corporates and NGO's we can subsidise the work we do with charities like SMBP and PTI.
If you would like more information on becoming a corporate partner of these and other great charities, please get in touch.

our partners

diversity & inclusion
social mobility
gender equality
positive transformation

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